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better left to those like me's Journal
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Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in better left to those like me's LiveJournal:

Saturday, July 24th, 2010
11:52 pm
Fist Full Of Sham
Leathery charms, a big wheel for arms.

You read about it every day!


Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
6:22 am
Oooooh! Barracuda
This journal is girls only.

Nothing is more important than the bonds of sisterhood; there are just certain things that boys will never understand. Elitist and biased as this journal may be, I am sticking to it.

Chicks before dicks.
Sistas before mistas.

Girlfriends speak freely; they understand one another. They were there first, and they will be there last. Women generally live longer than men. Women can give their girlfriends sound advice regardless of the way she looks, how much she weighs, or how much money she makes. Your girlfriends still love you even when you're sick as a dog. Your girlfriends won't go to strip clubs without you. Your girlfriends never had cooties in grade school. Your girlfriends understand the importance of shopping and do not get impatient with you when you do it.

This is not a feminist journal. This is about embracing sugar and spice, ribbons and frills. This is about giggling and slumber parties, shopping and swooning; getting knocked down and getting back up again. This is about being able to do it with a little help from your [girl] friends.

You can go away if:

*you're a boy
*you're the type of girl who runs out on her friends for a penis
*you're a gossip

If you've been added, it's because:

*you're a girl
*I trust you
*there are things I've been hiding until now
*I'm too lazy to just make filters on my other journals
*it's cool to be part of a girls only thing, right?

One last bit:

Don't get me wrong, some girls are downright evil. I recognise and accept this fact, irritating as it may be. I also recognise the fact that there are some boys who are heaven sent, angels, just as good as girlfriends. There are some boys that understand our 'female things' and will watch chick flicks with us, and listen to us cry about ridiculous things.

I don't hate them. Not at all. I value them a lot. This is just not one of those places they can go; like a girls bathroom.

I think I've covered all points. From here on, things will be not only friends only, but girls only.

We're going full tilt.


Current Mood: girly

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